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Founded in 2013 by art director / video artist Shiouchi Koji and branding director Shiraishi Mai, now creative group of ten members. Both were born in 1985 and are from Aichi prefecture. He is responsible for RADIO FISH's visual design · MV · costume and other creative direction which participated in red and white singing fight, and oversees art direction, movie direction · creative direction of MITSUKOSHI ISETAN group "2016 year color festival" nationwide.
Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum ”Noritaka Tatiana : Aesthetics of Magic” We specialize in the fields of fashion, music and contemporary art, such as image installation, mainly developing total creativity from branding to design and artwork.


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i-D x CHANEL / five paradoxes

青木静花 / Shizuka Aoki が i-D x CHANEL -THE FIFTH SENSE-の映像作品[five paradoxes]のプロップスタイリストを担当しました。


five paradoxes

大阪出身のバレエダンサー飯島望未。彼女は、時代を超えたモダニティと洗練されたCHANEL Nº5 L’EAUの香りを、この作品「5つの矛盾」のインスピレーションとして選んだ。
上品なフローラルの香りにスモーキーなノートが潜む、複雑で革新的なパフュームは、まるで彼女自身が抱えるパラドックスだ。香りのように変幻自在で魅惑的、直感を信じて高く空へ舞い上がる彼女の深層心理の物語を、フランス人の二人組ディレクター、ローラ・ラバン-オリビア(Lola Partel Olivia)が描き出した。

A film
Danced & choreographed by Nozomi Iijima
Written & directed by Lola Partel Oliva

Obaasan Kazue Kimira

Art Direction Jean-René Etienne
Director of photography Jason McCormick
Original Music Lafawndah & BR-RR
Music Chapter 1 Pierre Mariétan
Edit Emilie Aubry & Partel Oliva
Typography Raf Rennie

Produced by Insurrection•Tokyo
Executive Producers Arno Moria & Marco Santucci
Producer Laure Salgon
Lola Partel Oliva is respresented by Industry Art

i-D Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
i-D Associate Commercial Creative Director Claire Arnold
i-D Commercial Supervising Producer Tash Tan
i-D Production Manager Yolanda Neri

Production Service Des Quatre Tokyo
Producers Benoît Piquet & Mathias Vayer
Production Manager George Lea
Production Coordinators Mango Amano & Emi Kaneda

Casting Director Ayumi Ohara
Location Scout Jérémie Souteyrat

First AD Matt Ainsworth
First AC Kaze Chen
Focus Puller Che-Wei Liao
Second AC Curtis Lin
Steadicam Operator Koji Scott Kimura

Gaffer Keisuke Ikeda
Grip Yudai Usa
BB Grips Gou Ozeki & Masako Akao

Stylist Léopold Duchemin
Make-up Masayo Tsuda
Make-up Assistant Tomomi Higuchi
Hair Keiko Tada
Hair Assistant Yui Satake
Props Stylist Shizuka Aoki
Bouquet Arrangement Seigo Kusunoki

Drivers Isokado Shohei & Saito Takeshi

Editing Studio Mathematic
Assistant Editor Quentin Manicot
Post-Production Supervisor Nathalie Catanzano
Post-Production Nightshift Paris
Color Grading Gabriel Porier
Sound Recording Capitaine Plouf
Translation Hiroko Yamamoto

Additional Music Aaron David Ross
Sound Mix Nick Weiss
Music Chapter 1 Rose des Vents. Action Musicale by Pierre Mariétan. Mana Records, 2017
Music Chapter 2 Joseph by Lafawndah & Jamie Woon
Bmg Publishing

The producers wish to thank Haight & Ashbury Vintage
Rose Vintage
H Y D R A Sartorial for latex coats and dresses
Mouse Koenji for leggings and t-shirt